Dr. Massimo de Agro

Visiting Doctoral Researcher


Room D4.1.319

Lehrstuhl für Zoologie / Evolutionsbiologie

Biologie I
Universität Regensburg
Universitätstrasse 31
D-93053 Regensburg



(+49) 941 943 3356



massimo.deagro [at] phd.unipd.it



Dr. de Agro!

Now post-doc with Paul Shambles in Harvard -

go look for him there!

About me:

I am a comparative psychologist in the laboratory of Prof. Lucia Regolin, where I study visual cognition in jumping spiders. I am quickly learning how much easier working with ants is.


Current projects


Peak-end rule effects in ants

Humans overemphasise the most extreme and final parts of a multi-part event, such as meal. Is that also true in ants? Preliminary results say: maybe.

Are the ants capable of learning abstract associations?

We will test the ability of ants to learn the concept of “sameness” and “difference” - abstract concepts often considered to require advanced cognitive abilities. In collaboration with Felix Oberhauser.

Risk preference in ants

What would you prefer: $100 for sure, or a 50% chance of winning $200? Most humans prefer the same bet. What would ants do? Results hot off the press: they are even more risk averse then humans. Future experiments in collaboration with Daniel Grimwade will look at how far this risk aversion goes.


last updated:  04.01.2021