The ACE team

Dr. Tomer J. Czaczkes

Team Leader

Leads all ACE research projects, and is also involved in a wide variety of behavioural ecology projects. Collects data on occasion.


Dr. Stephanie Wendt

(ex) Doctoral researcher

Studies how value is perceived by invertebrates, and the effect of value perception on colony behaviour.



Dr. Felix Oberhauser

(ex) Doctoral researcher

Studies comparative psychology with ants as a model organism, with a focus on advanced cognitive abilities and comparative consumer psychology. Now at the Max Plank Institute for Collective Behaviour, Konstanz


Dr. Massimo de Agro

(ex) Visiting doctoral researcher

Studies comparative psychology, normally with jumping spiders, now with ants. Risk assessment, concept learning, behavioural economics.


Soon to be found as a post-doc at Harvard, working in the Shamble lab


Prof. Dr. Andreas Roiders

Professor of microeconomics

Prof. Roiders is supporting the ACElab team with in depth insight into economic theory and practice.

See his website here.

Prof. Roiders is based in the Department of Economics at the University of Regensburg.


Prof. Dr. Gesine Dreisbach

Professor of cognitive psychology

Prof. Dreisbach studies motivation and cognitive control at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Regensburg. She is supporting the ACElab team by helping design our comparative psychology and cognition experiments. See her website here.



Join the team!


The ACElab often offers research projects for students, from short laboratory practicals to BSc and MSc projects. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers are always welcome, pending funding.



Dr. Wolfhard von Thienen

Postdoctoral researcher

Uses modelling approaches to understand how individual level behavioural rules affects colony-level behaviour


Interns, M.Sc, and B.Sc students


Pragya Kumar - MSc student

Caroline Hübner - post MSc intern

Birgit Brandstetter - BSc student

Isabella di Stefano - BSc student

Jack Beckwith - BA student

Anna-Lena Horsch - BSc student

Alexandra Koch - Research assistant

Daniel Grimwade - BA student

Nico Kleinhölting - BSc student



last updated:  24.07.2020