The ACE team

Dr. Tomer J. Czaczkes

Team Leader

Leads all ACE research projects, and is also involved in a wide variety of behavioural ecology projects. Collects data on occasion.


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Katharina Wenig

Visiting doctoral researcher

Normally studies emotional contagion in ravens in Vienna, in the ACElab she studies learning flexibility in ants.



Dr. Felix Oberhauser

ex-Doctoral researcher

Now at the Max Plank Institute for Collective Behaviour, Konstanz.

Supposed to study locusts, still studies ants.


Dr. Stephanie Wendt

ex-Doctoral researcher

Now saving the world, one environmental assessment at a time



Dr. Massimo de Agro

ex-Visiting doctoral researcher

Now a post-doc at Harvard. Still loves 3D printers, spiders, and solonoids.

Interns, M.Sc, and B.Sc students

Alexandra Koch - BSc student

St. Popp - BSc student

Caroline Hübner - post MSc intern

Jack Beckwith - BA student

Daniel Grimwade - BA student

Pragya Kumar - MSc student

Countless 3- and 6-week practical students: you know who you are!



last updated:  04.01.2021